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Cash on Delivery Solution

We take care that your cash on delivery shipments are always successful and leave the customer satisfied

“Sales success comes from the right balance of quality human interaction as well as appropriate use of supplemental tools”

(Deb Calvert)

the benefits of

Cash on Delivery Solution

for your business

For certain markets, especially in Europe, the payment on delivery solution is preferred by most consumers.

However, it is necessary to protect yourself from certain risks, such as failure to collect the goods, through a series of activities that guarantee the conclusion of the sales process.

Steps by Steps

We check that every step of the sales process is carried out with the highest quality and the right attention

Quality Check

We make sure that the quality of the merchandise meets standards and will contact you promptly in case there are any problems

Customer Service

To guarantee a professional and quality service, we keep in contact with the customer until the product is delivered

what’s included

in our service of

Cash on Delivery Solution

Cash on delivery is the preferred solution of a large number of sellers because it significantly increases conversion rates, as customers prefer to buy on delivery.

However, this system can create some problems on delivery: the customer is not “bound” as in the advance payment and therefore could refuse the goods


High Delivery Rate

We implement strategies that increase the chances that the customer will collect the package and be satisfied with the purchase.



We make your product much more attractive for an affiliate sale or through external agents thanks to the good chances of collection of the goods


COD Management System

Thanks to our integrated cash on delivery management system, you will be able to limit the damage / expenses caused by failure to collect the goods


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