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From storage of goods to delivery, each step must be carefully monitored in order to offer excellent service

“In a world where consumers had limited choice, you needed to compete for locations. But in a world where consumers have unlimited choice, you need to compete for attention. And this requires something more than selling other people’s products”

(Michael Ross)

the benefits of

Fulfillment Service

for your business

The entire fulfillment process, the path of the product from the warehouse to the customer’s hands, consists of steps that must be carried out professionally.

Your job is to focus on the sales, ours is to manage each of these steps, from storage to shipping and finally to delivery.

A warehouse at your disposal

We take care of keeping your goods safe while awaiting shipment by keeping them in the warehouse

We ship your products

We take care of sending the goods by safe and reliable express courier at affordable rates

Customer Support

We inform the customer about the status of the shipment, step by step, until the product is delivered

what’s included

in our service of

Fulfillment Service

We put at your disposal a warehouse equipped with performing logistics capable of distributing your product in all parts of the world, without the need for minimum guaranteed lots or minimum guaranteed sales.

We also deal with customs clearance and litigation operations against the supplier.


Warehouse and Logistics

We store your products in our warehouse and manage the entire logistics process, from order management to shipping and delivery


FBM service

You can use our warehouse even if you sell on Amazon but you want to manage the distribution independently, taking advantage of our efficient and punctual services


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Our team is able to create a system for the management of the entire sales process, tailor-made for your business: from online sales to shipping and delivery the product directly to your customer.

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